How much protein in an egg?, Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for the body. One protein molecule consists of a combination of 22 amino acids. Protein is the building block for DNA, enzymes, muscles, hormones, immune cells, kidneys, glands and liver. Therefore, it is important to consume adequate amount of protein for proper functioning of the body. One of the most common protein rich foods is the eggs. An egg is a very versatile poultry food. It can be boiled, scrambled, fried, poached or even made into pickles for later use. It is also a major ingredient in making bakery products. And the eggs here mean chicken eggs and not that of a duck, guinea fowl, caviar or any other poultry. Want to know how much protein in eggs? Well, here is information about protein content in eggs. are usually grouped under meats in terms of their nutritional value, since they have high content of protein and choline (B complex vitamin). Due to this, eggs are usually included in protein-rich diets for losing weight and building muscles.

When it comes to the actual amount of protein found in eggs, there is a higher percentage of protein in egg white or albumin as compared to the yolk. The egg white of a large egg has about 4g of protein. On the other hand, the total amount of protein in the whole egg is approximately 6g. The protein content in hard-boiled egg remains the same, 6g. Apart from protein, the eggs also provide other essential nutrients such as vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids. However, the egg white contains only one type of nutrient, protein. Therefore, it is advisable to consume a whole egg in order to get all the essential nutrients in eggs.

You should consume 1g of protein for each 1 pound of body weight. Hence, if you weigh 130 pounds, you need to consume 130g of protein every day. Although this amount may be divided into 6 meals, achieving the recommended protein amount through normal meals can be a bit challenging. Therefore, you can consume eggs and protein drinks to meet your daily protein quota.

Protein drinks, such as protein shakes, are very popular among athletes and bodybuilders. It is basically a protein supplement made by mixing protein powder with water, juice or milk. Typically, one protein shakes serving offers 10-40g of protein based on the brand used. The protein powder used to make these shakes is available in local health food stores, pharmacies and general stores. 30 day shred is a home workout programme that combines strength training and cardio. The 20-minute workout programme is available in a fitness DVD and helps people to use a set of weights to perform a number of exercises. The first level of the workout may include simple exercises such as jumping jacks, press-ups, lunges and squats. The programme is cheap and readily available on YouTube. The workout doesn’t require any kind of specialist equipment andcan be done on the floor of a house.
The 30 day shred diet should contain at least a source of protein, carbohydrates and fat. The diet format is described as follows:
Choice No.1: 1 serving of Oatmeal, 1 egg and Agave Blue Nectar for sweetener.
Choice No.2: Protein powder (2 scoops) with water (8oz), low calorie milk and Ezekiel raisin cereal (1 serving).

Mid morning snack.
Lean meat (between 3oz and 6oz) and unsalted almonds (1 serving).

Lean meat (between 3oz and 6oz), 1 sweet potato and fresh vegetables (1 cup).

Afternoon snack.
Choice No.1: Protein powder (1 scoop) with water (8oz) and unsalted almonds (1 serving).
Choice No.2: Lean meat (between 3oz and 6oz) and fresh vegetables (1 cup).

Lean meat (between 3oz and 6oz), 1 sweet potato, fresh vegetables (1 cup) and olive oil or vinegar dressing.